1. Data Miner Racking layouts - Given some amount of available space, maximize the number of miners that you can fit into a rack. Space it equally and ensure the ergonomics make sense for day to day operations.
  2. Site layouts - Communicate with multiple parties involved in the layout of a site, collect all relevant information, and compile it onto one master site layout. For example, fiber, overhead power lines, pole location., building locations, site surveyed data, etc.
  3. Electrical Equipment layout - Layout all the relevant electrical equipment within a building and produce drawings for permits.
  4. Create a drafting standard, standard title block, standard naming convention, etc.
  5. Create electrical single line drawings as well as PLC wiring diagrams
  6. Design an assortment of prefabricated steel parts to be ordered from a steel supplier, this includes both form and laser cut parts. They need to understand how steel deforms and changes length as it is bent to the desired shapes, and take this deformation into account when creating cut files for steel suppliers.


Other Requirements:

  1. Be generally savvy with computers. There is no one single CAD program that is the standard. Different companies use different programs, so you have to be able to take something in one format, and convert it to the format that works for you.
  2. Must have excellent communication skills. There are going to be dozens of people that this new hire will have to communicate with to dig up the relevant information that is required in order to produce the drawings that are needed by the team. 
  3. Familiarity with as many CAD programs as possible is ideal