Assignment Description

 • Optimize supply processes through automation tools and streamlined reporting
 • Assist in automation of processes to reduce reliance on manual processes and enable decision making and capture additional value
 • Create reports that support the creation and presentation of the monthly supply plan
 • Create reports that support the end of month performance review of the monthly supply plan
 • Aid in optimizing the placement of equity production within the network
 • Learn Supply advisor role and duties
 • Become competent in supply process work to provide bench strength for team
 • Effectively manage allocations in the IOL ACE system to ensure availability of product for network and customers
 • Understand exchange partner contracts and balance exchanges based on contractual agreements
 • Become a systems expert in both SMS and Allegro
 • Enable a single source of truth for Supply & Trading financial and operational reports and questions
 • Aid in resolving questions regarding BOL, invoice, and other customer/sales disputes
 • Create reports from systems to aid in preparation for financial and operational performance reviews
 • Support regulatory and trading processes
 • Aid in the creation of reports for the presentation of the monthly regulatory compliance plan
 • Aid in the creation of reports for the monthly performance review of the biofuel compliance plan
 • Optimize regulatory compliance process with automation and streamlined reporting
 The primary processes that are managed by the Supply and Trading team are: Supply Planning and Biofuels Compliance. Each of these processes have unique risks that the Supply Operations Advisor will address.
 Supply Planning
 • Site Run Outs – Creating lift letters and ensuring the supply is available for the Logistics team to access from our suppliers mitigates the reputational and financial risks of sites being out of fuel.
 • Reporting on Performance – Intelligently reporting on the Supply Planning process allows senior members of the team to adapt the supply plan to optimize revenues. This mitigates financial risk of non-optimized (more expensive) supply to sites and non-optimized fuel from our suppliers.
 Biofuels Compliance
 • Regulatory Penalties – Each province (and soon Federal) have their own biofuels compliance regulations and requirements. The risk of not meeting these regulations is both a financial and reputation risk. These risks are mitigated through this role of improved visibility into the regulatory and trading processes as the performance of our regulatory compliance is tracked and regularly reported.
 The proper mitigation of these risks will save the company approximately $500,000 annually.

Qualifications Required

 • A Degree in Economics, Science, Engineering, Commerce or similar field
 • Minimum 1 -2 years of business analytics experience
 • Strong communication and presentation skills
 • Excellent analytical skills
 • Experience in supply planning for a Retail fuels business considered an asset


1 year


Calgary, AB