Workshop Manager

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Guarantees correct functioning and use of all the machines. 
  • Organises and controls production as a function of the workload plan according to Contract Managers or Project Manager informations. 
  • Performs hydraulic tests and makes sure that information is transmitted to the Quality Manager. 
  • Produces estimates and/or orders consumables needed by his workshop.
  • Manages the stock of workshop parts, tools and consumables. 
  • Makes sure that surfaces to be painted are prepared well.
  • Oversee the markings, the maskings on the surface to be painted.
  • Makes sure that surfaces are compatible with the application of the painting.
  • Responsible for the good execution of the works realized according to the rule book and the procedures of the file of manufacturing.
  • Proposes new investments to the Operation Manager. 
  • Transmits information to the Maintenance Department in the case of a failure. 
  • Produces estimates and/or orders the necessary part in agreement with the Operation Manager. 
  • Informs the Operation Manager of the forecast amounts for repairs. 
  • Follows the preventive maintenance plan and performs hardware and equipment audits. 
  • Makes sure that the productivity of the workshop corresponds to the Agency's cost effectiveness objectives. 
  • Develops and optimises the fabrication process: improvement to production facilities and the organisation based on a corrective and/or preventive actions plan. 
  • Organises and checks budget monitoring for the workshop. 
  • Monitors planning in liaison with Operation Managers.
  • Manages all staff in the workshop. (Clocking in, leave, training, welcome of newcomers, working hours respected, etc.). 
  • Undertakes to share good practices and work methods with his or her team. 
  • Performs the annual review of his or her staff.


  • Knowledge of the professional environment 
  • Knowledge of the law and regulations specific to the business
  • Familiarity with computer tools: Microsoft Office suite, AUTOCAD 
  • Ability to summarise, analytical mind 
  • Management skills 
  • Teamwork capability

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Andrea Ragubir-Bernard

Houston, East Bank Demerara


NSB | Omega



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